I am done studying (and why Viber parent groups make me feel inadequate)
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“Tapos na po ako mag-aral,” a respected magazine editor famously said when talking about parents doing their kids’ homework.
Both she and I have three sons enrolled in the same school.
I can honestly say the editor is intelligent and accomplished. I myself didn’t do well in school. I was a mediocre student, but I don’t think I did badly as an adult. I am still a work in progress. However, I don’t want to study again.

I have two college degrees—one from Assumption and one from The New School for Social Research. I have three sons. Two of them started as honor students—now is a different story.
My youngest son, however, is struggling to pass his subjects.
I try to help my kids in school when it is necessary, such as completing an intricate Chinese lantern that only one who went to art school could possibly accomplish (read: a Chinese lantern that only a pattern maker of Viktor & Rolf could understand!! How can my 7th grade son without an art background do this on his own?? It took me three tries to finish it!)

Red lantern I made
My son’s school project

Viktor and Rolf
Viktor & Rolf gown

While my two sons pass all their subjects without really trying, my youngest son is harder to teach. He has a short concentration span. I blame YouTube and Pewdiepie. How I wish my son had never held an iPad.
I am much older compared with the parents of my youngest son’s classmates (read: I have less energy!!) My body gets tired at 6 PM and I am simply too exhausted to helicopter parent.
I feel so pressured and inadequate whenever I see the devotion of younger parents in our Viber group, how sincerely concerned they are about their sons’ homework etc.

I grew up without a tutor. I was simply left to my own devices when I was in school. A couple of times maybe the yaya helped me with math or an art project. But my parents didn’t do my homework or school projects. That’s why now I don’t think I have to do it for my kids. Sure, I’m ready to do the costumes and the art stuff. Other than that, tapos na ako mag-aral.

When I get home, I just really want to lie down and relax. I also pity my kids who wake up at 5:30 or 6 AM and come home between 4 PM to 8 PM. Sometimes they just want to play basketball and sometimes they just want to lie down and look at their phones. I really don’t blame them.

How I wish life, school, parenting weren’t so difficult.
That said, may I repost once again a clip from Michael Moore’s documentary why Finnish school rank highest in the world. Cause maybe we’re doing it wrong!

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