How to win one of 20 Mercedes-Benz cars from NANKID!
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For children three years and above, NESTLÉ Research Center has developed NANKID® OPTIPRO® FOUR and NANKID® OPTIPRO® HW FOUR—the only preschool milk with optimized protein, a high quality, lower quantity milk protein that supports age appropriate weight gain and optimal development.


Ditas Sagarbarria, Scientific and Medical Relations Officer of Nestlé Philippines, said milk is okay but you can do your child more good by giving him milk with protein that is optimized.
“Proteins are one of the most important nutrients for your child’s growth and development, and contribute to the building of the brain, muscles, and body. The quality and amount of proteins your child gets today can also help build a nutritional foundation for life,” said Sagarbarria.
The right amount of protein can help prevent obesity. Since small children should be taking lower quantities of protein, parents need to balance this by giving their kids quality digestible protein.

As a special treat to NANKID OPTIPRO FOUR and NANKID OPTIPRO HW FOUR consumers, Nestlé is giving away 20 Mercedes-Benz electric powered cars worth Php 50,000 each.
Buy limited edition packs of NANKID OPTIPRO FOUR and NANKID OPTIPTO HW FOUR and find the special code inside.
Text the code to 2600 and your child could be on his way to driving his or her own Mercedez-Benz SLS AMG Roadster electric-powered children’s car.
Promo runs from September 15 until November 15, 2016.
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