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Two weeks ago I was invited to a very intimate BlackBerry  event with all these afams (read: foreigners).
There’s Oliver Pilgerstorfer, RIM Senior PR Manager for Southeast Asia.
RIM or Research In Motion is the company behind the innovative and award-winning BlackBerry®, also known as the product that will change your life.


There was Arun Verma, RIM’s Platform Evangelist.

Arun Verma, RIM's Platform Evangelist

As a blogger, I get to review so many phones, it’s no longer funny. Yes, I have a stockpile of unused phones at home. But to tell you the truth, I’m hooked on the BlackBerry. I love it so much, I have two backups.
I love that I can get text messages, email, Yahoo messenger, Twitter, Facebook and more—all in one gadget and in real time.
Some of you may have all of that in your phone already, but what sets the Blackberry apart is the BlackBerry Messenger or BBM.
It’s a special feature for BlackBerry users to keep in touch with each other anywhere, anytime.
Just to give you an idea…

So that night there was this contest to win one BlackBerry Curve. There was a three-part elimination round that tested one’s BBM skills. I didn’t win the first two, but when the third question came up on the subject of Gossip—I knew I had it in the bag.
The question was: Which showbiz couple fell in love through BBM. The boy is a dancer who comes from a showbiz family.
—At this point I started to type in Rayver Cruz. And now it was just a matter of choosing between Sarah Geronimo and Cristine Reyes—I know because I NEVER miss an issue of YES! magazine.
The second part of the question went like this: The girl is a sexy actress….
—Freaking Cristine Reyes! Typed and BBM sent!
I won the third round! So I qualified for the final which asked three of us contestants to take a picture of the BlackBerry Curve on our phones and BBM it to Benjamin Thomas, RIM PR Specialist for Southeast Asia.

Me and Ben Thomas

Unfortunately an over zealous contestant from another newspaper pushed my boob in order to take the photo—and I lost. Let me just say this much: I hate it when strangers touch my boobs!!!
So I lost that round—but I’m happy to say BlackBerry has given me three new BlackBerry 9780s—one for me and two to give away.
• The contest is open to anyone in the Philippines who has a BlackBerry and the BBM feature.
I know it ain’t fair. But I will negotiate with BlackBerry to allow non-BlackBerry owners to participate in Round Two.
• The Prize: One BlackBerry Bold 9780 worth PHP 24,800, featuring the new BlackBerry 6 operating system, to be given per contest round. A total of two BlackBerry Bold 9780 devices are up for grabs for the duration of the contest. (Again, I will talk to them about letting non-BlackBerry users join the second round.

BlackBerry 9780BlackBerry 9780

1) Take your BlackBerry and scan this barcode into your contacts:


How to add a contact:

2) BBM your answer to this simple question: What’s the best thing about BBM? Only one entry per BlackBerry user. Deadline for Round 1 elimination is on Holy Wednesday, April 20, 2011.
3) The top 20 answers will be added to a BBM Group and their entries will be posted on the blog.
4) Once invited to the group, I will give you a special task using the BlackBerry camera.
5) No use of profanities / slurs / sexual insinuations and no asking me for a date, hehe, unless you are a member of F4.
6) Decision will be FINAL and no correspondence will be entertained.
7) By submitting an entry, you hereby agree for the use of the contents / creative to be used by and RIM for promotional and marketing purposes.
8) P.S. I am not a judge so what are you waiting for, join na!

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