How to sync contacts from Blackberry to Samsung
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Never ever give up. That’s how I am when it comes to gadget problems, even if it means sleeping at 3 AM to find a solution.
I consider myself a techie. Not a major techie, but a good enough one. I am grateful for times I don’t have to bug another human being for my tech problems.
The most recent one I had was how to move 900 contacts from my Blackberry 9900 to my Samsung K-Zoom.

I am one of the last Blackberry users I know. I loved my Blackberry because of its touchscreen and raised QWERTY keyboard combination. But when my Blackberry started to hang everyday, even after deleting many photos, messages and apps, I decided to give it up and switch to Samsung K-Zoom.

Samsung Galaxy K zoom

Problem was I didn’t know how to move the contacts. I started thinking about how to do it—first by trying the Blackberry desktop app (doesn’t work) and Googling. But nothing online worked for me.
I tried other options using my Mac and USB, Mac and bluetooth, and NFC between phones. None them worked.
Finally after many hours, I tried the simplest solution which worked:

1) Turn on Bluetooths of both Blackberry and Samsung
2) On your Blackberry click Options (it looks like a wrench)

Blackberry Options

3) Go to Network and Connections
4) Click on Bluetooth and pair your Blackberry with the Samsung through Add New Device
5) Choose the Samsung device on your Blackberry and press the bellybutton of your Blackberry.

select your Samsung

You will see this screen

Transfer contacts

6) Click on Transfer Contacts and watch all your Blackberry contacts move to your Samsung phone. It works!

Transferring contacts

So now I have to figure out what is the best way to clean up my Contacts because it has so many duplicates.

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