How to spell awkward?
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Mahirap maging sikat” is a Filipino expression that means “it’s hard to be famous.”
When you’re on top and the world is at your feet, people constantly bug you that you just learn how to say no.
Like when Justin Bieber refused to autograph a NAIA employee’s CD.
In this clip, it appears that Justin Bieber slaps the CD out of the autograph seeker’s hand, sending it to the floor.

Madonna can be pretend to be gracious as she accepts flowers given by a fan, but really hate it.

Or worse, you’re given five minutes to interview the hottest star in Hollywood, only to find out she hates all your questions.
In fairness, Anne’s handlers should’ve screened the questions before Ricky Lo interviewed her. It would have spared him the humiliation of what happens below.
Lesson from Anne: keep on smiling while being a bitch.

P.S. She was much nicer to Matt Lauer who asked similar questions, minus Lea Salonga.

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