How to make Assumption-style cottage pie
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I spent many years in Assumption, mostly feeling like an alien or misfit. But didn’t we all, at some point as teenagers?
One of the things I remember was the food. There were three things I ate in Assumption during the ’80s:
1) The best sampaloc, packaged in a big ball and wrapped in cellophane.
2) Siomai, which I used to eat with toothpicks.
3) The best cottage pie ever.

I didn’t really like food or eating until I turned 26, so when I liked a dish I would eat it everyday if I could.
While siomai and sampaloc could be bought everyday, cottage pie was a treat whenever it was served in the cafeteria, and I looked forward to those days.

My school mate Biden taught me how to make cottage pie, and this is how I remember it. I’m pretty sure there was no tomato sauce or celery, because if there were, I would not have eaten it.
Feel free to comment below or post a link on how you think it’s made.
If there’s anyone from Assumption reading this, please post a picture of cottage pie if they still serve it now.

There are three main ingredients: ground beef

Ground beef

Chopped cabbage

Chop cabbage

Mashed potatoes.
1) First, boil the potatoes

Boil potatoes

2) Put some oil in a large pot, throw in chopped garlic and sliced onions before adding the ground beef (sorry this picture is wrong). Add Knorr beef cubes to taste. Season with salt and pepper.


3) Add chopped cabbage. Do not overdo it, otherwise it will be called cabbage pie.

Add cabbage

4) Secret ingredient: add some patis to wake up the flavor

Dash of patis

5) When potatoes are soft, throw out the water. Add milk and salted butter and you can mash it straight in the pot.

mash potatoes

Add salt for flavor.

mash potatoes

6) Put the ground beef mixture in a pan or in smaller portions.

put in pan

7) Top it with mashed potato and clean it up with a fork, like a zen garden.

clean with fork

8) Finish it off with bread crumbs on top. Any kind. We just happen to have Progresso at home

bread crumbs

9) Put the pan in the oven just to brown the top at 180 degrees celsius, about 15-20 minutes


I like to eat this with rice and feel like I’m in a plaid skirt again.
Thank you Chef Jeroen for helping me. 🙂


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