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“Only in the Philippines” used to be a term of ridicule. But nowadays, it can be a good a thing. A very good thing.
Last night this house manager was treated to a Lipo-Cavitation and Radio Frequency session care of Slim At Home.
Here’s what I walked into last night at 8 PM—my study room had been transformed into a spa with candle and funky iPod music.

Slim at Home

Wow. I’ve always wanted to do this, but find it too expensive, even with those online deals.
I once tried a similar service at home, but found it too messy and sticky with the plastic cover they put on my bed. Plus the technician kept scorching me. I just wanted each session to end.

Slim at Home was great! With aircon and darkened the room, I laid down on a massage bed with my tummy on top of a small metal plate, and slipped into pampering relaxation.
The initial noise doesn’t bother me. The whole session took about two hours. I didn’t sleep but checked my phone, read for a little bit, closed my eyes and thought how lucky I am.

lipocav for thighs

The first procedure was Lipo-Cavitation—a non-invasive method that directs high-energy ultrasound waves to fat cells beneath the skin. The ultrasound waves cause microbubbles in and around the fat cell, eventually causing the cells to rupture, release, and be expelled through the body naturally.

Lipo cavitation machine

This was followed by RF or Radio Frequency waves, which produce heat to rearrange and stimulate the formation of collagen fibers to tighten and renew the skin.

RF machine

Check out before and after pictures (obviously this is not me or my underwear)

Before and After our Advance Lipocavitation and Thermaslim P

Got back fat? Say goodbye after many treatments, improved diet, and exercise.

patient results waistline

After doing my thighs, we did my face—however I do not recommend this to anyone.
The treatment was brief (about four minutes) but the sound was too much to endure. I felt like I was going to be deaf or blind. I wanted it to end! But I also wanted to see if it would work.
After the treatment it felt like I had bionic ears! I could actually hear the crumpling of tissue paper—who the hell hears that? I was so freaked out.
Today my hearing is not yet 100% but getting there. Not sure if this is due to my cough, but I really don’t want to go through it again.

Overall, I love the whole idea of Slim At Home and highly recommend it. It will take time before I see results because you’re not supposed to do it everyday. Every four days is recommended.

Different treatments and packages can be customized according to your needs and budget, along with easy and convenient modes of payment.
Customers can also request an initial visit from Slim At Home doctor who will make sure you’re fit for treatments.
For questions, contact Slim At Home owner Happy Ongpauco-Tiu at (0917) 890-1225. Or book through Aileen at 0917-885-SLIM (7546).
To know more about the complete range of treatments, go to or like them on Facebook.

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