How to find your future partner via KLM
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When I turned 30, I focused on meeting the right person and getting married so I could have children.
I feel so lucky to have married at the age of 33, and become a mother at 34 and 36. I hurried with my second child as my OB-GYNE said it is safest to have kids until 37.
Then I heard this story about a woman in her mid-30s whose biological clock was ticking.
More than getting married, she wanted to have a child. So what she did on her fertile days was to hang out at the poolside of a five-star hotel, where hooked up with a smart and good-looking afam (foreigner) and conceived.
Nine months later and still single, she gave birth to a future supermodel.


Aside from lounging by the pool, I’ve also heard of single women who purposely ride business class in the hope of sitting next to a rich and successful businessman. Now it looks like KLM is making it easier for passengers with an agenda.
KLM’s Meet & Seat program allows you to find out who will be on your KLM flight through their Facebook or LinkedIn profiles and find out where they’ll be sitting.

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To me it sounds scary. What are your thoughts on Meet & Seat? Is it yay or nay?
Details HERE.

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