How to disconnect your Apple remote from your Mac
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You know I’m a big fan of Apple TV. What I’m not a fan of is when the Apple remote controls my Mac as well.
It happened in a hotel in Paris. The Apple remote drove me crazy every time it played music and videos on my Mac when I just wanted to watch Apple TV.

Apple Remote 2009

Thanks to Googling, I found a way to stop the Apple remote from communicating with my Mac.
1) Go to the Apple menu on your Mac and choose System Preferences.


2) Choose Security & Privacy.


3) Unclick the lock to make changes.


4) Unlock.

Screen Shot 2012-12-26 at 9.45.18 PM

5) Click Advanced.


6) Click on Disable remote control infrared receiver.


To end, just click on the lock again, and voila, your Apple remote will no longer drive you or your Mac crazy.

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