How to design a Royal Pen
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I must be living under a rock. I didn’t even know Prince Albert of Monaco already got married last July 1st. I thought I would see it live on CNN. It is now three weeks later and I haven’t seen any wedding photos up until now.
So many details go into a royal wedding and what commoners like us don’t know, is that even the pen is thought of. You can’t get married to a prince and use a Bic ballpen.
Come to think of it, I wonder what kind of pen we used when we got married?
For the wedding of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco to Charlene Wittstock, Montblanc created a one-of-a-kind writing instrument, a Création Privée from the Artisan Atelier Hamburg.
It was used by the couple on their wedding day as they made their lifelong commitment to each other.

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The intricate writing instrument was inspired by architectural elements of the Palais Princier and the Principality Flag, embellished with precious stones and the monogram of the Princely Couple.


The unique fountain pen is made of solid white gold. The cap and barrel is engraved with a rhomb-shaped pattern and set with 161 rubies and 128 diamonds, reflecting the royal occasion and the colors of the Monegasque State.


The largest stone to adorn the writing instrument is a ruby in rhomb cut set on the clip.
The 18K gold nib is engraved with a dove, rings and crown—all meaningful symbols of this state union.
As with all its creations, the Montblanc emblem adorns the top of the cap, this time in mother-of-pearl, reflecting the rarity of this piece and representing the future prosperity of the Princely Couple.


Following the wedding day, this unique writing instrument becomes a memento of a special occasion in European history, and a personal treasure for the newlyweds.

Montblanc is exclusively available at Rustan’s Makati, Shangri-la and at Newport Mall, Resorts World.

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