How to declutter your closet and donate to H&M’s recycling program
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One day I hope to move to a big house with a walk-in closet just for me. But for the time being, I have very limited closet space. I constantly need to remove old or unused clothes to make space for new ones.
Here’s what I usually do:
1) Garage sale but usually the maids get first dibs and send to the province.
2) Donate to my friend Rem.
3) The stranger pieces of designer clothes I used to consign to my friend JP.

But JP is always traveling. Some of my clothes cannot be garage sold because nobody gets them.
What to do with threads you no longer need?
Luckily, Dan Mejia from H&M Philippines told me about their recycling program.

H&M has special boxes at their stores where you can drop off any kind of fiber—be it one sock, a placemat, retaso, unused fabric, pieces of clothing, scarves, etc. which they collect, clean, and transform into new fibers to make new garments. Much better than ending up in landfills.

H&M recycling program

I decided to drop off my first batch during World Recycle Week at H&M Megmall last April.

H&M recycle

The recycling box is located on the 2nd level.

H&M recycle

Best to go on a weekday. No tao.

H&M recycle

There’s the recycling box.

H&M recycle
H&M recycle

In exchange they gave me discount coupons worth 15% each. That means each coupon can be used to get a 15% discount off one item when you shop at H&M.
I ended up using mine at H&M Magnolia because I adore H&M Home.
My designer friend Patrice donated tons of unused fabric she no longer needed and got two booklets of discount coupons.

World Recycle Week is over, but you can donate any time of year to H&M’s recycling program.
If you’re a fashion designer who wants to unload fabric or samples you no longer need, I can hook you up with H&M Philippines. Just email me at

Watch this video to understand better what happens next to the donation process.

To know more about H&M’s recycling program, click HERE.

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