How To Deal With Duterte’s Painful Presscons (Part 2)
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Just when I was about to update my blog, here come the announcements:

CNN tweet

Gosh. Now my friends and I are panicking—the same friends who wanted Duterte to shut up.
Because now we realize we looked forward to his late night press conference like a bad teleserye. What are we going to discuss on Whatsapp without Duterte’s shocking statements? What boring headlines are we going to read instead?

freddie tweet

To quote Eddie Boy Escudero in Facebook:

“What did you expect? A 180-degree turn around? He still won despite saying even nastier things, announcing very controversial plans and acting very unpresidentiable.
Well I expect it to remain the same which is why I stopped caring about this topic. It’s just sad that some people are doing their best to make things worse and pushing him to become even more nasty.
Sometimes I wish the press really boycotts him and lets him just do his thing.”

Right now I’d like to end this with a prayer by Marianne Williamson:

Dear Lord, we pray for the leaders of this country and every other. May they not be swayed by false politics but instead listen to the spirit of truth. May they not harken to the false and bitter voices of a frightened world but instead hear the angels who minister unto them. May the world make room for their leadership and resist no more their path into greatness. May their virtue shield them. May their lack of virtue be forgiven and corrected. May their words be true. May their strength go before them to cut like a sword through all illusion. May they see the innocence and brotherhood in all who oppose them. May they grow beyond a shallow fight. And thus may we all be taken with them into new light, new peace, new politics, new hope for all the world. Amen!

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