How to deal with Duterte’s painful presscons (Part 1)
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Even my Duterte-loving friends and supporters have given up trying to watch Duterte presscons on TV.
“Why did you even watch?” Grace asked me earlier.
“Cause Patrice and I were stuck in traffic for three hours, so we watched CNN on livestream.”
How do I put this? Ang sakit sa bangs.

Duterte press con

It’s so painful to watch Duterte in a presscon because he is unfiltered and comes across as uneducated.
I can’t deal with Freddie Aguilar songs anymore. But I have to stress how much I want Duterte to succeed and prove all of his haters wrong, that he can do good and bring about change despite being brutish and rough around the edges (to put it lightly).

I’d like to share something our friend Mavis sent to our What’s App group, written by Emanuel A Soriano Jr. on Facebook:

Emmanuel Soriano

To My Anti-Duterte Family and Friends
I’ve noticed there is much angst, anxiety and animosity going around because of certain behavior and speech of President-elect Digong.
Let me offer 3 P’s to help you deal with this in the next 6 years:

(1) Peace of mind.
There’s a nice saying that goes something like, “When you go beyond yourself, you will find peace of mind.”
I do believe that deep in his heart, Digong has the heart for the poor.
I suggest that we just go beyond ourselves and our sensitivities and just look deep into his heart knowing that he means well especially for the downtrodden. Despite his rough and unpolished ways, there is much proof to show that Digong has a soft spot for the poor and the masses.

(2) Pardon his French.
Digong is 71 years old. By the time his term ends, he’ll be 77. He will not change his ways. If fact, it’s his ways that made him win. So why change?
Instead, I suggest we have an accepting attitude but never forgetting to encourage the younger generation on better ways to behave and speak. Ironically, we will discover that it’s in acceptance of what we don’t expect and of what is beyond our control where we will find inner peace. As the good book says, “Be still and know that I am God.” He is in control of everything. So why worry?

(3) Pray for him.
In the words of Mar, “Digong, I wish you success. Ang iyong tagumpay ay tagumpay ng ating sambayanan at ng ating bansa.”
Let’s sincerely pray and wish Digong all the success. Because indeed his success is the success of the entire nation.
I do believe that Digong wants to succeed, especially for the sake of the poor and powerless. Who doesn’t want that? I believe that the charitable thing to do is to bombard the heavens with prayers for Digong, not only for his own sake, but for the sake of all.
Wishing you all peace, love and hope.
Thanks and blessings.

(Have an appointment with Belo. To be continued)

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