How to brainwash your kids’ musical taste
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When I was a kid, we used to hang at my dad’s music room and listen to The Carpenters and Sergio Mendes on his hifi stereo, with matching bulky headphones.
When I was older, I’d hear his Frank Sinatra and Sarah Vaughan from his hi-tech speakers, till I ended up borrowing his CDs and knowing the songs by heart.
Now my dad simply gives me an iPod with thousands of his songs. I love Tony Bennett and Burt Bacharach along with Tears For Fears and Depeche Mode.

This summer my sons have been hanging out in my room the whole day, playing Minecraft. So I started playing Tears For Fears music videos, to hopefully brainwash them into liking my kind of music. 🙂

Tears for Fears

I told them I nearly married Roland Orzabal—the one my son Ben described as “buck-toothed.” LOL

Roland Orzabal

I was kidding of course.
“But mommy, don’t you find him ugly?”
“No. I really don’t. Talent is better than beauty. Besides, beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” I said.
My husband just shook his head.
To add to that craziness, I do the Mad World dance, which never fails to make Markus, 9, crack up.

Then there’s the Change dance which is like a mini-workout

Ben and I then fell into a discussion when I told him Tears For Fears was the greatest band on earth. He quickly said they can’t be because Psy it.
Say hwatt??
I was horrified. I cannot stand Psy anything.
“His music is insignificant,” I told Ben. “It’s just a fad song. It won’t matter years from now.”

But how can you explain that to an 11-year-old who knows that Psy has the numbers. His YouTube channel alone has 2,572,486,091 views as of this minute, while Tears For Fears doesn’t even have an official YouTube channel.
How sad if you compare this:

to this:

I know. I can’t win.
But I’m not gonna stop until they start humming along. Then we move on to Depeche Mode, Lotus Eaters, etc…

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