How tall is Jeane Napoles?
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She’s the daughter of Janet Lim Napoles, currently the most hated woman in the Philippines.
While mom Janet is in police custody for (probably) having stolen billions from the Filipino people, Jeane is somewhere in Los Angeles doing God knows what.
Here’s a photo of Jeane in a limo posted in her Tumblr last August 2011, and all I can say is, wow legs!

Jeane Napoles

They look unreal—until you see her in photos with various Hollywood celebrities.
While most of us have photos taken with celebs at Madame Tussaud, Jeane Napoles has hers taken with Josh Duhamel (6′ 3½”)

Josh Duhamel and Jeane Napoles

and Zachary Levi (6′ 4″)

Zachary Levi and Jeane Napoles

while she towers over Justin Bieber (5′ 6 1/2″)

Justin Bieber and Jeane Napoles

and looks like a giant next to Steve Carrell (5′ 8 1/2″)

Steve Carrell and Jeane Napoles

Justin Timberlake is more or less 6 feet tall

Jeane Napoles and Jusin Timberlake

and Jeane seems to be the same height as Blake Lively, who is taller than most of her Gossip Girl co-stars (5′ 10″)

Blake Lively and Jeane Napoles

Which leads me to ask: where did she get her height?
OMG Mrs. Napoles is nearly 5’9″!!


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