How not to starve in NAIA
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After last month’s siomai horror story in NAIA, I made a plan not to starve while waiting in the airport.
Jeroen and I had a 12:25 noon flight to Hong Kong. Which means we would have to leave the house at 10 AM.
Since I don’t eat breakfast and I don’t eat in the plane, I knew I should eat before boarding the plane.
We all know there are no decent food choices in NAIA, so I made a quick decision to sneak in Jollibee inside my bag.
I got the idea from a Japanese tourist, who my sister and I saw hand-carrying a bag of Max’s fried chicken in NAIA in 2011.

Drawing: Ana Zamora

We passed by a Jollibee drive-thru near the airport—so near there was no time left to eat it in the car.
So I snuck it in my bag. It passed through all the X-rays.
Thirty minutes later, I was sitting in a secluded corner of the Cathay Pacific first class lounge (less tao).


I transfered the contents to normal plates and threw out all evidence of Jollibee packaging.
Thank God nobody saw and nobody cared.


Unfortunately no regular Coke in the lounge, so I had to step out and buy one.
I found some young Korean tourists looking around in the pathetic siomai booth and felt sorry and embarrassed for them.
When oh when will NAIA have decent food?
P.S. This is not a sponsored post by Jollibee. Next time I will probably sneak in McDonald’s.

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