How Korina Sanchez lost 15 lbs. in one month
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“Have you seen Korina Sanchez’s arms?” my friend texted me the other night.
“No. Why?”
“Ang O.A. ng arms niya,” my friend said. “Ang liit. Totoo ba yon?” (Her arms are ridiculously tiny. Is that for real?)
Well I finally saw them today, when she shared her Cohen diet tips on her program.

KORINA SANCHEZ Photo: Marlo Cueto

Cohen is an expensive diet regimen, which costs about Php 50,000 and is based on one’s blood type.
It requires many blood tests and (so I heard) a seminar or two.
I don’t mind the blood test and the fee; the seminar, no thanks.
But I got a copy of the diet basics, which Korina Sanchez enumerates.
I know her weight loss is real because Mich Dulce followed Cohen without paying or enrolling, and no blood tests.
Look at Mich’s arms—no Photoshop.

Mich Dulce

What Mich said basically is you have to have a gap of 4-5 hours between meals.
If you get hungry in between you can take two pieces of crisp bread and water. You can buy crisp bread at Healthy Options.
If not, two Skyflakes would probably do.
Plus you have to give up a whole lot of stuff, like sugar, and well, Korina explains it in Filipino.
Obviously it’s not the easiest diet, but it works, no matter what blood type you are.

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