How I’m getting treated for back pain
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My doctor says you need to start taking care of your back and bones when you turn 40.
Just before I turned 40, I experienced the worst back pain, which I attributed to sleeping in prone position (read: nakadapa). I couldn’t even walk or stand.
I bought a Tempur pillow and tried to sleep on my back instead, which was hard to do.
I also had a healing session with Fr. Suarez in 2008, and the back ache went away.

Fr. Fernando Suarez in Houston

Last July, my back ache came back with a vengeance after a grueling session at the gym.
I suffered for one month and blogged about it here.
A few readers offered advice. I received an email from a kind person named Ramon Tan who recommended his wife’s doctor, Dr. Leal, whose Facebook page can be found here.

I decided to check with my Dad, who said he knows Dr. Leal and to go ahead. I was able to get an appointment last August 19.
His private clinic is all the way in Quezon City. It was packed on the day we were there but waiting time wasn’t bad because people were in and out quickly.

First they took an image of my back using a high-tech machine. I did not have to take off my clothes and wear a hospital gown. I was done in a minute.
Then I saw Dr. Leal, who looks younger in real life.

Dr. Leal

After looking at the images of my bones, Dr. Leal told me I had an alarming collagen deficiency and was born with my left leg shorter than my right leg by .5cm. This resulted in my curved spine, that’s why one shoulder is lower than the other. Check this photo from 2005.


The curved spine is causing my back pain, which radiates to my lower back, thighs, pelvis, hips. I asked if the gym exercise may have triggered the pain, he said yes.

So here’s what my treatment looks like:
1) Spascupreel for my pain and Genacol (don’t laugh) for my collagen.

Back medicine

2) Wear a .5cm insole with all my footwear, including slippers. Luckily I found .5cm insoles from Amazon, just to be sure of the height.


3) Do a couple of exercises, including the “butterfly” twice a day

4) Come back after three months to see if the spine has aligned.

So that’s it! Had I known it wasn’t scary, I would’ve seen Dr. Leal sooner. Right now I am doing very well. No more back pain, especially after wearing the correct insole.
I’ll give you an update after my next appointment.

Center For Musculoskeletal Science-Asia
2nd floor, Hollywood Square Building
33 West Avenue, Quezon City
Tel. 333-3251 or (0917) 940-4762

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