How I cured my back problem
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Some say your personality can be determined by your favorite sleeping position.

Sleeping position

My favorite sleeping position is nakadapa, or lying on my tummy. I don’t even tilt my head to the left or right. I sleep with my head under a pillow and kind of sleep on my face, which would probably explain my flat nose and chest. (I wish the flatness would go down to my tummy as well.)
The problem with sleeping on one’s tummy is one can be prone to having a bad back, which I suffered for a few years.
The height of my suffering happened during 2007-2008, where my back hurt so much, it was difficult even to sit, stand or get up from bed.
There were a couple of solutions I tried. One was to get a healing sessions from the miraculous priest, Fr. Fernando Suarez

Fr. Fernando Suarez in Houston

The other was to sleep on my back, using a Tempur pillow. I’m happy to say that both worked.

Tempur pillows are not your ordinary pillow. They have a firmness that follows the contour of your head and shoulders.
For the longest time I dreamed of having a Tempur pillow, but found them unaffordable. Then my father-in-law bought me one. I slept on this kind of pillow until my back completely healed.


I think it’s a miracle that my back is OK now, when I really thought I was doomed for life.
I have an idea what caused my back pain—it was carrying loads of stuff when I still had a retail store. Now I avoid carrying too much weight—this includes handbags and kids.

Wanting new pillows, Jeroen and I recently passed by the Tempur shop at Shangri-La Plaza. The good news is, you can buy Tempur pillows at 0% interest, three months to pay, with your credit card.


I suggest you try the free mattress demo at the store. You enter a small room with two beds and a 10-minute brainwashing program 🙂
These are the top-of-the-line, best-selling mattresses at Tempur. Imagine these in a first class airplane suite.

Tempur beds

Jeroen’s getting comfy


Brainwashing session is about to begin


There is a skinny model in a granny panty (a.k.a. my kind of undies)


After ten-minutes of lying down with our shoes off, we chose pillows. At first I wanted to get this giant suman thingy, but I think it’s too firm


So I chose this pillow specially designed for tummy sleepers like me

Tempur pullow

It reminds me of the Pepper Lunch logo

Pepper Lunch logo

Jeroen chose a more normal pillow which he loves


For the first couple of days we had to “air” the pillow to get rid of that “boxed-in” smell.
This morning I woke up from the best sleep.
Besides pillows and mattresses, Tempur also has the car comforter, which makes a great gift for dads, brothers or anyone who drives their own car.


The bed wedge is perfect for those who love reading, iPad-ing, laptop-ing, or watching TV in bed.


There’s the Tempur slipper for the man who has everything, I guess


And the travel set favored by artistas who take naps in their vans


Of course there’s nothing like the Tempur bed itself, which is strictly for rich people who value their sleep.


For those who’ve already spent a fortune on their beds, there’s always the mattress topper or Tempur Overlay which comes in standard sizes, but can also be ordered to your specification.


Try them at Tempur showrooms at:
• Shangri-la Plaza Mall, 5th level
• Greenbelt 5 Phase II, Lower Ground Level (Tel. 728-3015)
• Bonifacio High Street (Tel. 856-4700)
• and Rustan’s department stores at Shangri-La Plaza, Makati and Alabang Town Center

To know more, go to

P.S. Oh! I’m giving away Tempur pillows! Stand by, I will post the contest mechanics in a few!

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