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I am a Canon user, but I’m open to new products especially if they’re colorful, cute and convenient.
This small Sony J Series Cybershot camera fits inside your purse, yet packs in 16.1 megapixels of image resolution.
What’s more, it comes built-in with a USB plug, so you don’t ever have to look for cords or memory card adapters to upload your photos into your computer.


It doesn’t hurt that it comes in all these gorgeous colors, versus the generic black cameras that are hard to find in the dark recesses of your handbag.


For the next few hours only, Groupon is offering a 25% discount on its SRP.
I’ve checked online. This model isn’t available on Amazon and the price is good considering Song Cybershot cameras of this kind cost more than US$300 online.¬†Click here to buy:

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