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After featuring Larry Alcala’s Slice of Life last year, Solo highlights Tony Velasquez’s Kenkoy in its Pinoy Cartoonist Memorabilia collection.


Antonio “Tony” Velasquez created Kenkoy way back in 1929.
Long before there were movie stars in the Philippines, there was a pop icon named Francisco Harabas, more popularly known as Kenkoy.
As Tony Velasquez described him, “He is always pusturyoso.” He was a debonair and his trademark fashion was Western influenced—decked in suspenders, patent shoes, a double-breasted suit, baggy pants, a sailor hat, and slicked back hair.


Kenkoy became a popular comic strip in the country because of the character’s wit, humor, antics, colonial way of thinking, and carabao English.
It gained such a massive following that it was adapted into movies in the 1950s-’60s and a musical in the early ’90s.


Now, Solo’s Pinoy Cartoonist Memorabilia takes the iconic Kenkoy comic strip and puts it on “his and hers” graphic tees, polo shirts, woven tops and dresses, long-sleeve shirts, shorts, necklaces, sling bags, watches, vanity sets and lighters that will hit Solo stores in September.
Each Memorabilia Series item will have its own bio-tag of Tony Velasquez and its own unique packaging.


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