Hong Kong quickie
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I needed a break. I also realized I hadn’t gone to Hong Kong this entire year, so I started looking for someone to go with. Luckily my sister was going for work. I had miles, and I piggybacked on her room for three nights.

NAIA sign

We stayed at the Hyatt Regency Tsim Sha Tsui. Location is right across from the Holiday Inn Golden Mile and right next to a subway entrance. I love this reception area.

Diday checking in

The first day I stayed mostly in this hotel room. The beds are incredible comfy. The carpet is clean, even under the beds (I checked).

Room 1105

Normal hotel features

Room 1105

But the bathroom is to die for!


With minimalist counter sink and lots of space


Toilet in far corner (away from the sink)


Spacious shower and bath in a semi-enclosed area

Shower and bath

Well-designed toiletries


My sister took over the work desk, so I found out an ironing board can also be a great computer table. If I were an industrial designer, I would design a computer table based on this


It can also be a dinner table

Room service

Slept early after a cold bottle of milk. I really needed this.

Kowloon Dairy

(to be continued)

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