Hoarding is fun with Watsons’ Switch & Save products
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People often ask me for travel tips. I’ll give you a great one: Watsons disposable panties—just because I don’t want to bring home dirty underwear. I’ve been using them for years and it’s only gotten better.
Watsons disposable panties used to be made of paper, but now they are made of polycotton.


I used to hoard these in Hong Kong, but when Watsons opened in the Philippines in 2002, it changed the way we hoard.
I love the Watsons brand because it gives me choices of good, quality products at a much lower price than other brands.
I also love my job. Yesterday Watsons invited me to shop at their Greenbelt 1 store to experience the Watsons Switch & Save products.


Carts are a must. I was assisted by store supervisor Jane Mabao who took me around the store. If not for her I wouldn’t know how many Watsons brand products there are. (Perhaps they should have a dedicated shelf just for it so people would know where the goods deals are?)

Jane Mabao supervisor

We started with my favourite makeup remover round puffs (buy one, take one at Php 89). I use so much of these—first thing in the morning before putting makeup on, and last thing at night for makeup removal.


A must in any girl’s bag are tissues and wet wipes, especially if you’re a mom.


Don’t leave home without these.

wet tissue

Watsons also has the cutest boxed tissues in a pack of three

tissue cute

On your red days, you’ll save more if you switch to Watsons sanitary napkins (Php 74 for 24 pads).

sanitary pads

I remember when these were the newest things and the first time I tried them. The word “forest” comes to mind.
Nose pore strips are Php 119 for a pack of ten

nose strips

Got kids? Watsons has a Looney Tunes line just for them, like the top-to-toe foaming baby wash at Php 299, buy one-take one

baby wash

Baby cologne

baby cologne

and baby lotion (a buy one, take one steal at Php 239)

baby lotion

If you prefer square facial puffs to round ones, there’s the Tweety Bird variety at Php 99—buy one, take one

facial puffs

Watsons is known for the generously packaged toiletries at buy one, take one prices.
Giant cream shampoos are Php 269 for two

shampoo creamy

Treatment shampoos are Php 189 for two

shampoo treatment

Shower gels, Php 259 for two

shower gel

Exfoliating body wash, Php 239 for two

scrub 1

Chubby bottles of hand soaps, Php 149 for two

hand soap gel

plus refills for Php 109—buy one, take one

hand soap refill

Large bottles of mouthwash, Php 249 for two

mouth wash

Hair treatment wax, Php 239 for two

treatment wax

Body lotions are Php 119 each


And so much more! I ended up with five baskets for our household of 14. Not bad for Php 7000. Nobody in the house has to buy shampoo and shower gel for the rest of 2014.


I also got a Watsons tote bag, zippered pouch and fat bottle of hand soap—for free!
To find out more about Watsons’ Switch and Save products, go to a Watsons store nearest you.

watsons poster

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