HISTORY™ moves to SKYCable Channel 25
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Home to the most compelling TV programs that make true-to-life happenings entertaining, HISTORY™ makes the move to SKYCable Channel 25.
HISTORY™, formerly known as The History Channel, brings you a mix of reality shows and documentary programs with fictional and non-fictional historical content, together with speculation about the future.
Seen in more than 80 million households, its programming covers a wide range of periods and topics.
Tune in to Pawn Stars, featuring a family-run pawnshop in Las Vegas, and The Pickers, where Mike Wolfe, owner of Antique Archaeology, and business partner Frank Fritz embark on a mission across America to uncover hidden heirlooms.

Pawn Stars 2

Also on HISTORY™, planet Earth takes the spotlight with exciting encounters featured in reality-based shows like Modern Marvels, Swamp People and Hidden Cities, which takes viewers on a tour of Asia’s undiscovered gems.
Hosted by Anthony Morse, the second season (starts November 23rd at 9 PM) zooms in on a new line-up of countries (including the Philippines) in a bid to uncover some of the continent’s buried relics and untold stories.

Hidden Cities 3

Extremely action-packed and energy-driven, Top Shot and Ice Road Truckers present the trials of tough contenders who beat it out in their struggle to dodge countless challenging and deathly encounters.


Ice Road Truckers chronicles three of the world’s most experienced truck drivers as they take on the frozen wastelands of the Canadian Tundra, racing across the ice in mammoth 18-wheeler trucks to bring lifesaving equipment and supplies to isolated communities.

Ice Road Truckers 2

Combining extraordinary CGI imagery, field exploration, dramatic recreations, and expert interviews with each episode, HISTORY™ creates a thrilling, exploratory and revealing experience for viewers of all ages.
Watch HISTORY on SKYCable Channel 25 • Cablelink Channel 44 • Dream Channel 27 • and Destiny Cable Channel 56.

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