Hello Singapore, Part 2
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The day before our flight, a Cathay Pacific plane coming from HK-Jakarta made an emergency landing after one of its engines caught fire 20 minutes after takeoff.
In this video, the pilot makes a speech to his grateful passengers after safely landing the plane back in Hong Kong.

What people don’t know is that barely two weeks ago, our friend, a Cathay Pacific flight attendant was on a flight from HK-San Francisco when one of its engines caught fire two hours after takeoff. The passengers were told it was engine trouble. They had to dump the fuel before safely landing back in Hong Kong.
The incident never made it to the news.
Knowing those two had just happened, I was happy to be flying Singapore Airlines, because they say airline accidents happen in threes.
Remember A380’s triple whammy last year?

Being the most fearful flyer you ever knew, I had to psyche myself not to be afraid this trip. I took 1/4 tranquilizer 30 minutes before boarding. I started to pray the rosary on the plane and closed my eyes, meditated, and thought about really beautiful things, I can’t tell you. It felt like I was in touch with God.
After what felt like 15 minutes, I opened my eyes to see if we had already taken off as I was deep in thought. I was surprised to find out we were already one hour into the flight. It was amazing.


I slept the rest of what turned out to be one of the smoothest flights I have ever taken.
Took this photo of our near-empty sections just as we were about to land.
I am very grateful.


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