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Ely Buendia for Bench Fix

Ely Buendia for Bench Fix

Ely Buendia for Bench Fix

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Music icon beyond his years, rockstar Ely Buendia joins the Bench family as Bench Fix’s latest endorser of styling products.
The songwriter, guitarist and former lead vocalist of the legendary Eraserheads helped defined a generation and, perhaps, the very sound of OPM in the ’90s. Today, his music continues to evolve with his current band Pupil.
In the realm of movies, Ely recently appeared in Quark Henares’ Rakenrol and has directed a 13-minute independent film entitled Waiting Shed, which was featured as part of Cinemanila’s Sine Barangay Festival.
As an endorser of Bench Fix products, Ely’s current favorite is Clay Doh Lite Molding Clay.


This lightweight product has an easy washout formula that allows you to restyle your hair any time of day—and the ability to keep hair intact while rocking and head banging all night long.
To achieve Ely’s rockability, rub a small amount of clay in your palms and work through the hair for that desired hairstyle.
Available in all Bench Stores, Bench Fix Salon, Watsons, and all leading supermarket and department stores.

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