Hats off to Swatch Zebra Day
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Awww! I missed it as I was in Hong Kong for work.
See how Swatch Zebra Day was celebrated in Covent Garden

SWATCH ZEBRA Day 1st April 2011

In Jakarta
Swatch Zebra

and Singapore
Zebra Dancing Swatch

In the Philippines, the event was held at the Power Plant Mall and I heard, a huge success.
To think this was all planned rush-rush by Tita Virgie Ramos with a huge assist from Rowell Santiago and of course, Chel Peña.
Hats off to you!
(Heard some smaller kids were scared of the human zebras and had to hide inside the shops, but judging from this video, it looked like a lot of fun.)
Congrats Tita Virgie!

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