Harlan+Holden opens pop-up stores
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When I was younger, I had all the time for fashion, taking as much as two hours to try on outfits. I also had less clothes, less money, and we had almost no stores in Manila, so putting together an outfit was not that easy.
Now that I’m older and have more clothes, I still love fashion, but I can’t be bothered trying on outfits for hours. Not really.
That’s why I tend to buy and wear the same brand, same colors, and same shapes.
Harlan+Holden understands women who like fashion but don’t have time to think about it because they’re simply too busy.
That’s why they created pieces that are easy to put on in as little steps as possible. Maybe you just have to slip it over your head, or maybe it has one zipper.
To make life ever easier, they’ve made the collection easier to find by putting two pop-up locations at Rockwell’s Power Plant Mall and at Greenbelt 5.
The Greenbelt 5 pop-up can be found right next to Marc by Marc Jacobs at the ground level.

Harlan+Holden popup stores
Harlan+Holden popup stores
Harlan+Holden popup stores< Harlan+Holden popup stores
Harlan+Holden popup stores

The Power Plant pop-up is also at the ground level in the middle of the mall. You can’t miss it because the store is so cute with a charming little fitting room.

Harlan+Holden popup stores
Harlan+Holden popup stores

Visit them until Feb. 29, 2016.
To see the collection or shop online, go to

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