Hangover craving
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Many times after a trip abroad, you go home craving for something you had during your holiday.
It could be Swedish meatballs from Ikea, cheese pizza from Target, yang chow fried rice from room service in Hong Kong, tendon from Tokyo or any silly little thing you ate that was so wonderful at that time.

Solo cheese from Pizza Hut

On our last night in Singapore, my sister Ana and I made a grand plan to wake up early so we could eat McDonald’s seaweed fries for the last time. Our call time was 11:30 AM. I woke up at 10:30 and moved my ass 15 minutes later. Ana moved her ass ever so slowly at 11 AM.
So we didn’t have time for fries, as the parents were already at the lobby ahead of time, with the van and the uncle saying good-by.
When we got to Changi airport I had to claim my GST refund which was almost SG$500 (sayang din yon). I love GST refund because that money either goes to last-minute shopping at the airport, or towards the next Singapore trip.


Mom and Dad went ahead through Immigration and to the airport lounge, while Ana waited for me to check in.
Seeing that we still had an hour before boarding, we walked very briskly to the nearby McDonald’s and ordered two Cokes, hot wings, and seaweed fries. (Sorry Dad! That’s what we were doing when you called!)
I can’t tell you how ecstatic we were to see the Golden Arches before leaving SG!

Magical golden arches

This was our order, plus two Cokes.

Hot wings and fries

The fries come with this tiny packet of seasoning and a brown paper bag.
I asked the cashier if I could buy extra seasoning as I wanted Jeroen to try. If could, I would’ve bought ten more pieces because I knew the hangover would happen back in Manila.


You take the fries out of the container and pour them inside the brown paper bag.
Open the packet and throw in the seaweed powder.

Putting seaweed powder

Shake vigorously

Shaking the fries

Take a peek

McDonald's seaweed fries

If you’re happy and you know it, roll the bag down and eat! Wash down with an ice-cold Coke.

Seaweed fries

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