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The nice thing about being huli sa balita or last to know, TV-wise, is you get to download the entire season in one go. changed my life. Before Vuze, I didn’t even know how torrents worked.
So after the watching the entire first season of The A-List New York in three nights, I was looking for another thing to watch.

Then I overheard Bea Ledesma and JR Isaac talking about the suicide of one of the “real husbands” of Beverly Hills.
I had also picked up in the comments section of this blog that the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are mega rich, unlike their New York counterparts.
So I downloaded the entire Season One and watched five episodes last night. I am hooked!
And here’s what I think: they make the New York housewives look poor and skanky!

L-R: Kim Richards, Taylor Armstrong, Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards, Adrienne Maloof, Camille Grammer

AS for the Beverly Hills housewives, here are my impressions:
This is a good picture of Lisa Vanderpump. She’s English and I find her accent jirita (annoying). I also find her boring.
Reminds me of: Catherine Zeta Jones.


At first, Taylor Armstrong looks really stunning, until you realize she’s too thin, her cheeks and temples are sunken. I had never seen sunken temples until she had them injected with fillers. I’m scared of her collagen lips.


It was Taylor’s estranged husband Russell who committed suicide last Monday at the age of 47. R.I.P.


Adrienne Maloof seems like the richest one of all. I find this woman bonggang-bongga (fabulous) with their hotel, casino, basketball team, etc.
She has a husband who adores her but whom she makes deadma (ignores) most of the time.
Reminds me of: Mariah Carey x Joycelyn Wildenstein.


I find Camille Grammer the most stunning of all even though she’s some kind of slutita. She’s a great dancer. I think she’s a threat to every woman because she loves to hang around men and vice versa. I wonder how she keeps her marriage to Kelsey Grammer intact.
Reminds me of: Felicity Huffman


For me, the train wreck of the show is Kim Richards. I became very interested to watch because of her. I had grown up with Kim Richards movies like Escape to Witch Mountain and Return to Witch Mountain, where she was so cute.

gmbc-hi_res-KimRichards(TeenSceneAug72)-1 1
Kim Richards

And now I’m scared every time she’s on the screen. She looks exactly how I don’t want to grow old, with her pained expression and scary waist length hair. But oh, she has the best-looking kids! Her sister Kathy, by the way, is the mother of Paris Hilton—do you see a resemblance? (Read: shokot)


Finally, there’s Kyle Richards, who tries to keep her sister Kim in check as a promise to their mother on her death bed. Her husband and children adore her. I would say she has it good.
Reminds us of: Demi Moore

Kyle Richards

So now you know why my eyebags have eyebags. Can’t wait to see the rest.

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