Guess who’s coming to Megamall?
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Do you remember life before Megamall?
I was already a writer at Daily Globe when SM Megamall opened in 1991. I was there when it was empty!
I even used to work there when my sister and her husband opened a little printing shop called Flashcards.
Megamall is where I had a first taste of Jollibee Chicken Joy. I never used to eat Jollibee until I saw my co-workers enjoying one of the best fried chickens in town.

SM Megamall

It was by working in Megamall that I became acquainted with the mall and its layout.
Recently the mall has been upgrading to accommodate more contemporary brands such as Forever 21, which is packing them in.
One of the more exciting brands slated to open around August is Pepper Lunch, the original Pepper Lunch franchise (not to be confused with the local copycat which also has the word “pepper” in it—beware of imitation!).
Now take a look at the design renderings for Pepper Lunch Megamall.

Pepper Lunch Mega Mall

About 126 square meters in size, the new Pepper Lunch branch will seat 60 people.

Pepper Lunch Mega mall

In keeping with the new and exciting brands SM is striving to bring in, we wanted a chic looking Pepper Lunch in the mall.

Pepper Lunch Mega Mall

The new store will be located on the ground level of Megamall A, in between Yoshinoya and Bonchon Chicken (opening soon).
Truly, new and exciting things are coming to Megamall.
Up next: Pepper Lunch Robinson’s Emita (mid June) and Mall of Asia.
And while we’re at it, check out our new menu.

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