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I woke up this morning to a Viber group created by a class rep from my son’s school.
I thought it was a good idea to be informed about exams, holidays, and other relevant information.
But in the few minutes that followed, my phone started to alert me on incoming Viber messages—only to find out that some parents were happily posting humorous stickers to the thread.
So I thought I would do others a favor by asking them kindly to refrain from adding stickers to keep the messages relevant.
The creator of the group responded by saying that stickers were OK because they are fun and “kunti lang naman”.
To which one of the dads replied by posting a giant LOL sticker, presumably to mock me.
Instead of engaging in useless a Viber argument, I decided to leave the group.

This is a public service announcement to sticker-happy parents, to please spare the ones who prefer to have less clutter in their lives—and in their phones.
So maybe this post will be discussed in their Viber group. Bite me.
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