Got unneeded clothes? Drop them off at H&M for World Recycle Week and get something back!
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I have a slight problem recycling my clothes.
First, a lot of them cannot be garage sold because they’re too strange for the village people.
Some of my designer clothes, I consign with JP Singson’s Unisex Rewind. But JP zips in and out of the Philippines, I can barely keep track of him. 🙂
So H&M’s latest global initiative, World Recycle Week, appeals to me. I can’t wait to empty my closet of clothes I no longer need. I need the space!!
I intend to drop them off at H&M between April 18-24, 2016.

H&M recycling program

During this period, H&M aims to collect 1000 tons of unwanted or worn-out garments from customers worldwide in its more than 3600 stores. All textiles are welcome—from odd socks, old towels, the dress with a hole—and nothing is too torn, worn or used for a second life.
Find the recycling box at your nearest H&M store so that H&M can create recycled textile fibers for new products.

This April 11-24, for every bag of old garments collected, customers will get two vouchers (instead of the usual one) worth 15% off each to be used for their next purchase.

Since 2013, H&M has collected over 25,000 tons of clothing. Two years ago the company introduced its first new garments that used recycled textile fibers—important steps in closing the loop in fashion.

H&M recycling program

As of January 2016, the Philippines has already collected 9.120 tons of garments and for every kilo collected, H&M Philippines committed to donate about Php 1 to UNICEF.

The long-term goal is to have zero garments going to landfills, as well as saving on natural resources.
By recycling just one T-shirt, 2100 liters of water can be saved. Imagine the impact of 1000 tons garments collected during World Recycle Week.

To know more about the initiative, click HERE.

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