Got milk?
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HONG KONG—My seven-year-old son was ecstatic when I ordered milk with his Happy Meal at McDonald’s in Hong Kong.
Holding my hand while carrying the takeaway he said, “Thank you, mommy.”
It felt so good.


We’re lucky all our boys still love milk at ages 3, 7, and 9. They don’t like soft drinks or ice cream.
I told them Daddy is tall because he drank milk and mommy is short because she drinks Coke.
Tell that to boys who are obsessed with basketball.
Jeroen says he wishes Jollibee and McDonald’s would offer milk in their restaurants here.
Because fastfood restaurants receive a lot of (monetary) support from softdrink companies, sadly that’s what they push, even for breakfast. They should always have bottled water available for customers watching their diet.
Here’s what they offer at McDonald’s USA: low-fat Milk Jugs in chocolate or fresh.


Surely Jollibee and McDonald’s can tie-in with Magnolia or NestlĂ© if they wanted to, and if they cared enough for our kids?

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