Goodbye friend
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seen zone

I just learned this term today when I reached out to an old friend through Viber and saw that she had seen my message and not replied back. I also saw that she was online.
We didn’t have a fight. We had just lost touch for many years because we live in different countries.

We were such good friends back in the ’90s when I was in New York. We helped each other through really bad times and I have always fond memories of her. We used to talk a lot on the phone, long before Viber and Skype came around. And for some reason, we lost touch.
I started to miss her and recently found her on Instagram, but she’s not really into social media. She rarely updates. So I messaged her and told her I missed her. She replied and that was that.

Now I feel like I need to talk to her again because I have some questions and I need to let her know what’s going on. Viber is funny because it gives you contacts you didn’t know you had. So I found her on Viber and reached out. But for whatever reason, she didn’t respond to me and it hurts so much it makes me cry.

Crying Miffy

I decided to delete her info on my phone so I won’t be tempted to contact her again and feel bad all over again.
I have no ill feelings towards her. I just wish her the best and prayed for her. I hope she is OK.
I am guilty of cutting off people but only those who have done really bad things to me.
She and I have never fought so it makes me feel so sad, I spent half the day in bed. And I can write this because she doesn’t read my blog anyway.

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