Good night, Roger Moore
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You probably won’t believe this but I think, I think, I know I may have ESP.

I started watching the premiere episode of The Bachelorette around 9 PM, Manila time.
As the bachelors were coming out of the limousines wearing suits, I couldn’t help but think of a man in a white dinner jacket, how I love that, and how nobody ever wears that now, except maybe the headwaiter of Lusso.
I’m so in love with that debonair vintage look with the slicked hair.

For some reason, I also kept getting a vision of a mole on a man’s face—a flesh colored mole. What the hell was I thinking??
My son Ben came home from a friend’s house and brought me home a midnight snack of McDonald’s Chicken Fillet. I ate that while watching the rest of the show.
When I finished watching at 11:30 PM, I went to Twitter and found out that Roger Moore had just died at the age of 89.
I suddenly realized why I kept seeing the white dinner jacket and the flesh-colored mole.
Perhaps it was a sign of Roger Moore.

For me there were only two James Bonds: Sean Connery and Roger Moore. The rest don’t really matter.

Roger Moore

Good night, sweet prince.
Roger Moore, 1927- 2017

P.S. I love Rachel Lyndsay. Best Bachelorette so far!!

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