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Or good afternoon. I just woke up.
So glad I got your attention on lagundi vs. Solmux, hehe.
I’m just a blogger who gets people to think, get angry, and take action—all from the comforts of my bed!
And now for some good news:

Old man jailed in Manila over chocolates released

MANILA, Philippines – A 79-year-old man spent 2 nights in jail after a grocery store clerk accused him of stealing a bag of chocolates at a grocery store in Manila.
Ricardo Castro, a resident of Manila, was released from a detention cell in Manila Police District Station 2 on Wednesday after the theft case filed against him was dismissed.
Castro denied that he stole the chocolates worth P36 from the grocery store. He claimed that he simply forgot to pay for it, saying that he paid for the other items he bought.
He said he was out of sorts when he went to the grocery on Monday because he has a daughter who is diagnosed with cervical cancer.
An ABS-CBN News team visited the home of Castro and met his 46-year-old daughter Rosita, who is suffering from a stage 3 cancer.
The grocery, meanwhile, refused to issue a statement on Castro’s release. — Report from Jeck Batallones, ABS-CBN News

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