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Forever 81
By Gilda Cordero-Fernando

Philippine Daily Inquirer • Sunday, November 27th, 2011

I like Kidlat Tahimik (aka Eric de Guia) because he tried to build a galleon. I like stage director Jose Estrella for being a girl named Jose. I like Recah Trinidad because he still receives mail addressed to Ms Trinidad. Also Ambeth.
I like Joven Cuanang because he can do 32 things at the same time. I like Satur Ocampo when he’s not talking communist. I like Manny Chaves because he fills in the blanks when I forget what I’m talking about. Raymond Lee? I will steal his pink shoes!
But I love my normal friends just as much as my dented friends. Normal friends never object to things you say. They just suffer in silence. I promised my seriously dented friends that I would not write about them, so I just drew them.

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