Gift Guide #4: Fiori di M, Holiday 2012
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This season, Fiori di M offers stylized floral arrangements and wreaths using nature discards and indigenous materials.
When ordering, quote the style number below. Please note that flowers or materials depicted in the photos may be replaced if not available at the time of your order.
To order, call 729-0030 or email

FC-01 (Php 3,050)
FC-01 [MG_0006]

FC-02 (Php 3,850)
FC-02 [MG_0020]

FC-03 (Php 1,250)
FC-03 [MG_0027]

FC-04 (Php 1,350)
FC-04 [MG_0039]

FC-05 (Php 2,700)
FC-05 [MG_0049]

FC-06 (Php 2,350)
FC-06 [MG_0056]

FC-07 (Php 2,000)
FC-07 [MG_0061]

FC-08 (Php 1,800)
FC-08 [MG_0069]

Fiori di M

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