Gift Guide #8: Crosley turntables at Heima
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When we were kids, one of my favorite things was a little Fisher-Price turntable like this.


I used to take it down to our basement, hang out with the maids and the laundry and play my “Rock The Boat” single over and over again.
I still remember the first album I ever bought: DEVO.


Pretty sure I still have it in storage downstairs with my Lotus Eaters and Kajagoogoo. Yes, I’m still holding on to my ’80s vinyls. One day maybe I will play them again.
My dad used to buy my vinyls at Ishimaru in Ginza. I was a lucky girl.
Now if only I had one of these…
Heima brings in Crosley turntables in time for Christmas.

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mini 2
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cruiser 3
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spinnerette 3

While CDs and MP3s are cool, there’s nothing like the sound and warmth of a vinyl, with its crackling imperfections and nostalgic feel. I even miss cleaning out the lint from under the needle.
It’s been a while.

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