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With a family of five and eight house help, no wonder our grocery bills have gone sky high. But this is ridiculous!

S&R mistake

OK, so that was a computer error

S&R mistake

But seriously our grocery bills aren’t funny anymore, especially when shopping at S&R. That’s because there’s just too many temptations around, you end up buying stuff you don’t really need.
Plus all those people. Lines everywhere. And all the checkpoints at the door and exit. In other words, hassle.

Once I tried shopping at Pure Gold, Shaw Boulevard and noticed a huge savings. However, the shopping experience was on the jologs side. Too many hoarders and long queues. So I was back at S&R. (Yes, I know, same owner.)
The thing with S&R is they’re not complete. You still have to go to another supermarket to complete your list.
If you want to buy 3 Domex, you end up buying four because they’re packaged that way, and so on.
Then last month I decided to check out Puregold Jr. in Pioneer on my way home. It was nice and deserted. So clean and organized, with many deals and products you don’t see elsewhere.

Puregold Jr. at Pioneer

I loved it so much, I brought my kids there last Sunday and they had a blast putting things and snacks in their cart.

Puregold Jr.

This Sunday we went back again to do the full grocery list with the yayas. Our usual bill of 20,000 upwards became 14,500! Of course we weren’t able to buy the S&R schublig and bacon, but the rest of the stuff were there!
I even had a guy helping me put sacks of detergent under my cart because there was nothing to do.
Walang tao—I lovett!!
The kids were running around, you won’t be scared they will get lost because there is no crowd!
While the maids were at the cashier, my boys and I sat at a nearby table eating kinder eggs they bought inside.

Puregold Jr. at Pioneer

Why am I sharing this? Because it’s a good secret to share.
Puregold Jr. deserves to keep open and we deserve the convenience. What’s more, parking is free!
This is not a sponsored post by the way. I genuinely lovett!
Puregold Jr. is at 8007 Pioneer Street, Pasig City.

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