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Here’s one great invention I found while searching for solar lights online.
I’ve bought one for our courtyard, hung it on a tree to charge in the daytime, and found that it works very well even when leaving it out during rain.
These are great gifts for people living in the provinces or depressed areas, where electricity isn’t readily restored, or even for us city dwellers in case of emergency.
LuminaidThe LuminAID solar light was designed shortly after the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti.
It is a renewable light that can be very useful, especially in post-natural disaster situations, like Yolanda.
LuminAID is the brainchild of Anna Stork and Andrea Sreshta, who met while studying architecture and design in graduate school. They shared an interest in solar lighting technology and a common belief that design and design thinking can be used to solve problems on a global scale, including improving access to basic resources such as lighting and power.


The product is easy to ship because it packs flat and inflates to diffuse the light like a lantern.
LuminAID’s goal is to make portable lighting a part of the supplies commonly sent as part of disaster relief aid.
In addition to food, water, and shelter, light can greatly add to the well-being of victims of a natural disaster or crisis. Renewable lighting can aid those in situations where batteries are scarce and the electricity grid is disabled both immediately after a disaster and over an extended period of time.
Over the past year, LuminAID has put lights on the ground in the wake of disasters such as Hurricane Isaac in Haiti and Hurricane Sandy.


It is a great product to buy, especially for those abroad who are thinking of what to send over to Yolanda victims.
For corporate givers, the inflatable material is also printable with patterns and logos.
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