Found: Lotte ice cream sandwich takes me back to the ’70s
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Merienda is underrated.
I seldom get to enjoy merienda because nobody’s home at merienda time—kids are in school and hubby is at work.
When we were kids, merienda was a big deal, especially during summers at my lolo’s house in Quezon City.
The kids would swim while the adults played mahjongg.
In the middle of the afternoon, a bell would ring, heralding the arrival of the Magnolia ice cream cart.
The kids get out of the pool, bug the parents for money, and run to the Magnolia cart.
These were the choices:

Magnolia frozen delights

1) Magnolia drumstick
2) I’m not sure
3) Pinipig crunch
4) Twin popsies
5) What’s this called?
6) Ice cream cup
7) Ice cream sandwich

Chocolate twin popsies were my favorite, and I have memories of having my tongue stuck in them.
Ice cream cup was also a fave, particularly Super Mocha.
If I’m not mistaken, ice cream sandwich was the most expensive and no longer exists.
Imagine my excitement when I saw this in the freezer of Konbini Store in Greenhills: Lotte’s vanilla monaka or ice cream sandwich

vanilla ice cream sandwich

Inside is a nicely portioned wafer so you can share or break parts of it for more convenience

vanilla ice cream sandwich

It’s the closest thing to Magnolia’s ice cream sandwich—imagine light vanilla ice cream (not too sweet) in a chewy thin wafer. The taste just brings me back to the ’70s.

vanilla ice cream sandwich

It costs Php 150 each at Konbini Store and the best part is, I can call them and reserve whatever I want in advance (Tel. 722-4263).
Konbini Store is at 57 Connecticut Street, Northeast Greenhills, San Juan.

Now if only someone would bring this back in a glass bottle, that would be fab.

Magnolia chocolait

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