Found: Hot dudes reading in trains
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Leave it to Grace to point me to this Instagram account—only two weeks old with nearly 205,000 followers—that posts pictures of hot men reading in trains.
More than actors or models who were born with great DNA, here are characteristics that would make a guy hotter to me:
1) Talent—be it in art, design, architecture, or music. Not your typical rockstar. mind you. I prefer “deep” musicians, like Ryuchi Sakamoto (L) and Charlie Siem, hehe.

Ryuichi Sakamoto Charlie Siem

2) Intelligence and kindness combined. A successful man who is humble and can talk about anything, isn’t a snob and doesn’t think he’s better than all of you.
3) Someone with a great sense of style, good hair, and still looks like a man.

I guess a cute guy reading on a train would present himself as an intense person you can converse with and has good taste in music. It also helps that in winter time, people generally look better because of the Fall/Winter attire of outerwear and dark colors.
You can imagine cuddling up to a bear in a thick jacket, opening the door when you come over, and saying, “Let me defrost you” while a cup of hot coffee/chocolate awaits.
Which begs the question: Bakit walang ganito sa Pinas???

Hot dudes reading in trains


Hot dudes reading in trains

The coat! The apostolic look!

Hot dudes reading in trains

The one you can’t wait to introduce to your family.

Hot dudes reading in trains

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