Found: Double eyeglass case at Lesportsac
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So I’m back to glasses. Nothing serious, I think my grade is 50 or something. Dr. Alnette knows.
I have my regular glasses and my reading glasses. I don’t use them all the time but I don’t like not knowing where to look when I need one of them.

Left: reading. Right: seeing

I need a case for two pairs of glasses, I thought. Has that been invented? I looked online but the results were funny.

double eyeglass case

Luckily I walked into the Lesportsac store at Greenbelt 5 earlier and found this double-zipped pouch.


It looked like the perfect size too, so I grabbed it.


Ah, it’s perfect.


Blue is not my favourite colour, but I prefer gingham to the other prints they had, and so I am happy.
My glasses have a case!

Lesportsac is at the ground level of Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati.
Tel. 728-8766

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