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I normally don’t get it when young people say “fuck my life” but right now I am so feeling like that. I do apologize to the nuns and priests who read my blog. I really don’t want to say that as I believe in positivity. But right now I’m having a really bad time.
It started last week when I got this email telling me to get an iCloud. My husband had also asked me to update all our iPods. Since our music is in two Macs, I initially thought, wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could sync all our music into the iCloud, so I don’t have to go back and fourth turning on the other Mac? (Take note: iCloud doesn’t actually consolidate your music, so it’s completely useless.)
It’s such a pain that Apple doesn’t allow you to share stuff when this household has three Macs, two iPads, about 10 iPods, and one iPhone.


To get the iCloud, I found out I needed to upgrade to Lion OS, which I paid for.
Then I got iCloud. This took many, many hours to install. When I was done I found out my iPhoto wasn’t working, so I purchased an iPhoto upgrade. I don’t even know how much I spent. So my iTunes money is gone.
When that didn’t work, I decided to delete my iPhoto and all its contents, as well as many applications I no longer needed. All in all I deleted 65,000 files and more than 8,000 photos which were backed up in a Picture Keeper.
The whole process took about five days. I can’t tell you how many times I had to restart because the Internet has been erratic in the entire Philippines.
This explains the lack of updates on my blog. So today I finally allowed myself to break down and cry. I called the Mac expert from the A.Shop who is coming here now from Makati. God bless Erwin.
I have calmed down while writing this quick post.
I would’ve wanted to blame and kill Steve Jobs, but he’s already dead.
So yes, I am having a bad day. Fuck my life. I need a Coke and something else. I’m going to the kitchen.

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