Flying with Ana
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I think this was the first flight I didn’t have to hold my sister’s hand during a flight.
Me and my mom at NAIA on the way to the lounge. (Photo: Ana Zamora)


Take note: decent food does not exist in NAIA, not even at the Singapore Airlines lounge.
I wonder who is in charge. So nakakahiya.
Here are a couple of things you can make baon if traveling from the Philippines.
1) Teddy Grahams


2) Aljuron banana chips. Baon is a must.


While waiting at the lounge I noticed my mom’s new nail polish.


I was so amused, my mom decided to show my dad. She said, “Manny, look at my nail polish o.”
To which my dad answered, “P*tang ina!” (I swear the whole lounge heard it.)
My mom was startled so she pulled her hand back immediately and broke a glass. Award!


Good thing they didn’t charge us. Hehe.
My sister and I have different taste in color. Note her colors and my neutrals.


Note my airplane attire


And hers


Our hotel is not the Four Seasons, but it’s OK and location is good.
I just don’t get why BeyoncĂ© is on our headboard.


Sitting area


The banyo is OK, but it tends to get flooded—hmmmp.


Ana likes the bathtub


Here’s the parents’ banyo


and Ana’s midnight snack

Ana's hamburger

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