Finally some really good news for NAIA
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Karen Davila Twitter

1) Please pay extra care to the restrooms.
2) Please have a say in the shops—let’s get away from the Boy Bawang (no offence to that wonderful snack).
May I suggest: Team Manila and other great Filipino-made products from other graphic design teams/artists and artisans (think Manila FAME).
3) How about C2 Collezione? Or BENCH Pinoy Lab?
4) Can we have like McDonald’s/Burger King/Starbucks in the airport? It really helps when you’re in a rush to eat before boarding. It can be done in a clean, not carinderic way. Much as I love Jollibee, I think the international brands are more tourist friendly.
5) Can you take out those horrible souvenir shops that probably made sense in the ’70s but not today?
6) Can we improve the airport lounges please? Too small and too ugly.
7) Let’s give our passengers something the other airports don’t—FREE AND FAST WIFI PLEASE!!
8) I leave the rest to the commenters. Thank you very much.

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