Fillerina giveaway: Say goodbye to wrinkles without needles
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When I get together with my friends, some of our more common topics—aside from our kids and shopping—are eating, dieting, working out, back pain, hip pain, failing eyesight, and self-improvement.
I’m of the belief that if you have the opportunity to improve yourself, you should take it. I myself am no stranger to cosmetic procedures. I am not normally afraid of needles, but I know that many people are.

Luckily there are now injectable wrinkle fillers that soften lines and wrinkles. Results can last for four months or more.
Fillers have plumping and smoothing effects so that skin can have a youthful appearance. Some people are hesitant to use fillers because these substances need to be injected into your face.
Thankfully, Vizcarra Pharmaceuticals Inc. has brought in the perfect solution for this concern.


“We are very proud to be the distributor of Fillerina in the Philippines. Fillerina is a groundbreaking antiaging treatment,” said Vicky Vizcarra Amalingan Sales, chairman of Vizcarra Pharmaceutical Inc.

At Fillerina’s core are six hyaluronic acids with varying molecular weights. These different weights of hyaluronic acids penetrate the different layers of the skin. Product testing volunteers had a 95% positive response for the product.
Fillerina is a 14-day treatment pack that contains 14 doses of filler gel and 14 doses of nourishing film with two patented blunt-edge applicators. The applicators look like syringes but they’re not. These packs cost Php7,400 to Php9,500, depending on the dose.


There are also day and night creams and a lip and eye contour cream for a more comprehensive treatment. You use these after the 14 days.
Fillerina promises toned, supple skin with diminished lines and visible lifts around the cheekbone area in 14 days. You see a significant difference in just seven days of using the treatment pack.

There are three different Fillerina grades for different skin conditions, with Level 1 being the mildest and Level 3 for more mature skin.


Fillerina 14-day treatment and Fillerina Everyday Cream, Lip and Eye Contour Cream are made by Swiss company Labo Cosprophar and exclusively distributed by Vizcarra Pharmaceutical Inc.
Fillerina also recently introduced Lip Plump for fuller and smoother lips.

If you’d like to try some of these products you can join my promo.
I am giving away one set of Fillerina 14-day treatment and Fillerina Everyday Cream, Lip and Eye Contour Cream in an S. C. Vizcarra travel case.


I am also giving away four sets of the Lip Plump, you can read about HERE.


1) Must have a Philippine address and social media accounts (Facebook or Instagram).
2) Follow Fillerina on Facebook or Instagram.
3) Join the electronic raffle HERE. Please register only once.

1) There will be five winners total. One winner of Level One Fillerina Dermo-Cosmetic treatment for home use and four winners of lip pump.
2) Promo runs from Feb 16 to 21, 2017.
3) Winners will be chosen electronically via
4) Winners will be informed via email or text to verify their entry.
5) Winners will receive their prizes via courier to their Philippine address.

Fillerina products are available at the beauty section of The SM Store in SM Makati, SM Aura and SM Megamall.
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