Fifty Shades of Boring
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Last night I decided to watch Fifty Shades of Grey because my office mate Dinna was talking about it and got me curious. And since I did not read any of the books I have a few questions, which I hope some of you can answer me:

1) Is Anastasia Steele supposed to be mousy? I don’t get the casting of Dakota Johnson. She looks like a mousy version of Isabella Rossellini. Why her? Is it because she is the daughter of famous parents? Is it because not many actresses want go fully naked? Is it because her breasts are small and not bastusin? Please enlighten me.

Fifty Shades of Grey

She looks like Isabella Rossellini

Fifty Shades of Grey
Isabella Rossellini
Isabella Rossellini

2) Is it possible to be 27-years-old and a billionaire with a your own building (Grey House)? What exactly does Christian Grey do (sorry I didn’t pay attention) and how does one get mega rich at 27 while having so much time for S&M?

3) Of all the women in the world, why does Christian Grey get smitten by the mousy Anastasia after only one encounter? Can’t billionaires get any woman they want, especially if they’re 27 and hot?

4) How does Anastasia transform into a non-mousy girl without the benefit of a makeover scene? Ang labo.

Fifty Shades of Grey

5) I don’t understand why this book and movie made tons of money. There’s nothing romantic about a guy who just wants rough sex. I just super got tired and bored of him kissing and f*cking her. Please explain.

6) How baduy lang that substory about Anastasia’s roommate and Christian Grey’s brother. Sorry I am out of words. I find it so baduy.

7) Sorry this is the worst review of the worst movie I have ever seen. I’d like to hear what you thought of it, whether you liked it or not. OK thanks, I’m done.

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